Welcome to the official webpage of the Department of Theatre and Film Studies. We take pride in being the liveliest department in the entire university because, as the Dean of this Faculty once said, it is the humanities that bring out our humanity and distinguish us from other species. And what better way to express that humanity than through the performing arts. In this department, we do not only show people what makes them human, but we also inform them on their best life-style choices, empower them to make the best possible decisions, and yet at the same time we entertain them and offer them therapeutic relief from their often stressful academic lives.
This page contains information about our programmes, courses, activities, community outreach, collaborations, our faculty and their research activities, and how we have fun. You are welcome to browse through and discover the very interesting engagements of our department. If you are a prospective student, you will acquire information about the programmes we offer, the requirements for entry, and the courses you will be reading to build a solid foundation for a professional life in the future. You can learn from the success stories of our alumni and be inspired.
Take some time and read our Departmental Brochure to be informed about the courses we run, and other academic and extra curricula activities within the department. You are welcome to enjoy our department newsletter, Stage and Screen Review, which offers analyses and discussions about theatre and film events particularly at the University of Cape Coast, but also throughout the country. You may also read the abstracts of papers published in our departmental journal Kalibi- Journal of Media and Performance Aesthetics, and then order copies for your reading pleasure.
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The Department of Theatre Studies was established in 2004 and affiliated to the Department of Music.  It acquired full department status in 2008.  Film Studies was added in the 2010/2011 academic year. The Department of Theatre Studies is one of the eight departments in the Faculty of Arts. It continues with its existing undergraduate and graduate programmes in the year.The department offers and maintains teaching and learning, and research and consultancy centres.


The Department of Theatre and Film Studies hopes to become a major hub for accelerating the advancement of Ghanaian Theatre and Film within the context of the evolutionary and revolutionary development of Modern African Theatre and Film.


The department seeks to become a centre for the production of graduates who will be capable of lifting high Ghanaian cultural art forms for documentation, revival and promotion through research, production and performances.

Participating in international film and theatre festivals
Organising film and theatre programmes for various institutions
Organising film and theatre workshops for primary and secondary schools
Participating in national and inter-institutional  and theatre festivals nationwide
Participating in exchange programmes with other sister international institutions

The department runs its programmes with the view to:

1. developing in the student skills that will enable him/her solve problems of his/her mother environment through the application of research in theatre and film aesthetics.
2. developing in the students the creative ability in theatre and film arts.
3. producing professionals, who shall be devoted to the practice of their chosen professions in ways which contribute to building their society.
4. nurturing in children, youth, students and the community a critical appreciation and love for the Creative Arts in general and the Ghanaian and African Theatre in particular.
5. producing graduates who will contribute to the literary development of Ghana by writing books (both creative and critical), and producing and directing plays and films.
6. training students to think critically and analytically.

The programme has the following as its objectives:

  1. The development of a contemporary film and theatre graduate relevant to the developmental agenda of the country and consistent with the trends of human resource development globally.
  2. The use of the powerful media of film and theatre to inform, entertain and educate, to effect desired social, cultural, environmental, political and economic development of the people of the nation and beyond.
  3. To provide the media to effect behavioural change in target audiences.
  4. To develop film and theatre talents for the advancement of the theatre and music industries in Ghana.